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Mike and Leslie Swatek's Family Ancestry

We now have a Genealogy Picture Page with many old pictures and selected recent pictures of people in the descendant and ancestor trees. Check it out.

Descendants of my ancestors Frank A. Swatek/Svatek (Mar 1836 - Aug 10, 1922),
his wife Josephine Richter
(June 1836 - April 17, 1927),
and more recently John Swatek/Svatek
(born 1855) and
Joseph Svatek (the father of John, and possibly Frank)

Another fast growing page is for Svatek and Swatek Lineages which are not (yet) connected to Joseph Svatek's (born abt 1815 in Bohemia). Check it out and see if you, or a relative, can help us add to the trees and connect them.

If you or your USA ancestor's name is Swatek or Svatek, your genealogy should be here. E-mail Mike to find out more.

Mike and Leslie Swatek's Ancestry

Our known family ancestry includes these surnames:
2 Baldwin, 1 Beall, 5Beaver, 5 Brannon, 3 Brown, 1 Burton, 1 Carlisle, 1 Cherry, 7 Compton, 1 Cope, 1 Cowan, 1 Cox, 1 DePriest, 4 Dickson, 5 Graham, 2 Hardcastle, 11 Harris, 1 Harten, 5 Huckaby, 3 Johnson, 2 Johnston, 1 Jones, 4 Keefe, 1 Kibby, 1 Kilgore, 6 Knight, 1 Lewis, 1 Linkous, 2 Maker, 2 McCarty, 6 McWhorter, 1 Milhouse, 4 Mitchell, 3 Neeley, 2 Pendergraft, 2 Phelps, 1 Puckett, 4 Raines, 1 Reel, 1 Richter, 2 Scott, 2 Seay, 1 Shackleford, 1 Skinner, 1 Spray, 3 Stansberry, 7 Swatek, 1 Svatek, 1 Teague, 1 Thatcher, 1 Thomaston, 1 Toohey, 1 Trout, 2 Turner, 1 Vobornik, 2 Waits, 1 Warren, 1 Williams, 4 Yeary.

Changes to the above list are shown in red.

Click HERE to see our latest ancestry report.

Once again for this update, several visitors to this site have made significant contributions to our ancestral genealogy, including: Mary Clements, Barry Knight, Leah McCalmon and Debbie Satterwhite.Thanks to each of you.

We are very interested in learning more about the history of our family. Please e-mail Mike, if we have a common ancestor and/or you, or a relative, know more about the family tree.

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The Descendants of
Joseph Svatek

April 97, we began this project to identify all the descendants of Frank and Josephine Swatek/Svatek. The plan was to do this primarily through contacts made on the Internet and follow-up on those leads. Well, its working. It now appears very possible that Frank's father was Joseph Svatek and his brother was John (born 1855), based on feedback from Russ Swatek after he visited this page. Thanks Cousin Russ. For the purpose of this report at this time, we are assuming Joseph was the father of Frank and John. Further research in the Czech Republic is attempting to provide confirmation.

The family name was Svatek in Bohemia, and was changed to Swatek upon arrival in the USA, to keep the same pronunciation.

Frank A. Swatek (Svatek) was born March 1836 in Osek, Bohemia which is now in the Czech Republic and his wife,Josephine Richter, was born June 1836 in Pisek, Bohemia. Frank and Josephine immigrated with their older children and to Nebraska, USA from Bohemia in 1881 to escape excessive taxation by the Czar. In December 1889 Frank and his oldest son, Matthew Anton Swatek, came to Oklahoma in the Land Rush, claimed land and established farms. Frank's claim was in the area near what is now known as Wheatland, Oklahoma. Matthew's claim was near SW 29th Street and Council Road in Oklahoma City.

It now appears likely that Frank's father was Joseph Svatek (born in Bohemia? on unknown date) and there is no knowledge of Joseph leaving Bohemia.Frank's possible younger brother, John Swatek (Svatek), was born 1855 in Tabor, Bohemia and immigrated to Nebraska, USA in the mid 1870's. John remained in Nebraska all of his life.

The known descendants of Joseph Svatek and Frank Svatek (with spouses) includes these family names: 1 Bennett, 1 Beyhan, 1 Bird, 1 Bobeck, 6 Bohanon, 1 Brock, 1 Bullard, 4 Bush, 1 Chamblee, 1 Coltonie, 2 Cortez, 1 Dallas, 1 Davidson, 1 Eddleman, 5 Espinosa, 1 Ferguson, 1 Goodman, 1 Gumerson, 1 Hall, 1 Henderson, 1 Heth, 2 Hubatka, 2 Ingram, 4 Janouch, 3 Johnson, 2 Jones, 1 Kasl, 1 Knight, 1 Knorr, 1 Lambert, 2 Landrum, 2 Leigh, 1 Maile, 1 McCalip, 3 McGee, 1 Meyer, 2 Mills, 1 Mitchell, 1 Moedt, 1 Morrow, 3 Newell, 1 Neyer, 3 Notley, 1 Park, 1 Pojezny, 6 Potts, 1 Puckett, 3 Quinn, 3 Ragsdale, 1 Richter, 3 Satterwhite, 4 Sharpe, 1 Shonka, 6 Siegal, 1 Slama, 1 Smith, 1 Snodgrass, 1 Stansberry, 1 Svatek, 1 Svojtek, 1 Swain, 72 Swatek, 1 Tenicki, 1 Thompson, 1 Vobornik, 1 Vrable, 1 West, 1 White, 1 Wilson, 1 Wynn, 2 Yeakley and 1 Zbylut.

Changes to the above list are shown in red.

Click HERE to see Joseph and Frank's descendants report.

My partner in this project, Debbie Satterwhite has continued to find out more about the descendants of Frank and Josephine. Thanks again Cousin Debbie.

Others I would like to thank for contributing information included in this update are: Joe Swatek (in Nebraska), Steve W. Swatek and Rosann Swatek Yeakley

Please e-mail Mike, if you, or a relative, know anything more about the descendants, siblings or ancestors of Joseph Svatek, or any other Svatek or Swatek for that matter.

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