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The oldest generations are at the top. Click on any of the small pictures below to see a larger (medium resolution) one. The posting date is shown above each picture. Larger (high resolution) jpeg files are available for each picture, for better prints. If you would like a larger image of any picture, e-mail Mike, including your e-mail address and the image file name you want a larger version of. (The image file name is the internet address shown for linked image when it's displayed.) The high resolution file will be sent back to you by e-mail. The high resolution files will print out looking like a good photograph, if you use 600+ dpi printer resolution and Kodak Inkjet photo quality glossy paper.

Those in the pictures are listed below with oldest generations grouped to the top. Unlerlined numbers to the right of the name are links to additional picture locations.

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********** Generation 7 **********
James A. Scott Rebeca Matilda Cox
Nancy Burton (b:1837)  
********** Generation 6 **********
Josephine Richter (b:Jun1836,d:17Apr1927)  
Charles Henry Raines (b:24Nov1858,d:5Dec1926) Nancy Emmaline (Nannie) Scott (b:4Jan1873,d:3Jan1915), 2
Thomas Jefferson Stansberry (d:1926) Rose Anna Warren (d:1939)
********** Generation 5 **********
Frank A.Swatek (b:22Feb1872,d:19May1955) Matthew Anton Swatek (b:1866,d:1May1942)
Josephine Swatek Tonie Swatek
Charles G. Swatek (b:23Jan1884,d:26Dec1965) Joseph Swatek (b:10Feb1875,d:6Aug1974)
Agnes Vobornik (b:4Jan1878,d:22Nov1955) Fannie Vobornik
Annie Vobornik Josephine Vobornik
Charles Vobornik Henry Vobornik
William Thomas Stansberry (b:23Jan1890, d:Jan1974) Myrtle Lee Raines (b:7Feb1892, d:1965), 2
********** Generation 4 **********
Mike Alden Swatek (b:18Oct1913) Thelma Margaurite Stansberry (b:6May1914), 2, 3
Paul Stansberry Pauline Stansberry
Marie Stansberry Harold Stansberry
John Roy Graham (b:13Aug1914) Iva Jewel Dickson (b:12Mar1918)
Kathleen Pherrill Roubal (b:18Jul1915)  
********** Generation 3 **********
James Allen Swatek (b:29May1937), 2 Marjorie (Marge) Sue Thompson (b:1Mar1935)
Carolyn Ann Swatek (b:4Jul1943) Roy Yates Johnson (b:12Jul1932)
Barry Allan Knight (b:17May1937) Joyce Irene Graham (b:28Nov1939), 2
Lois Florine Graham (b:10May1938) William Harold Cooper (b:28Dec1934)
Barbara Ann Graham (b:6Nov1941) Tommie Lou Mitchell (b:8Apr1938)
********** Generation 2 **********
Mike Allen Swatek (b:28Apr1958), 2, 3 Leslie Patricia Knight (b:14Mar1963), 2
Laurie Denise Knight (b:7Feb1961) George Robert Tynan (b:23Nov1959)
LeiAn Irene Knight (b:18Jul1968) Brett Alan Byrd (b:9May1967)
Roy Yates Johnson Jr. (b:7Apr1962) Charles (Chuck) Everett Mills (b:8Nov1960, d:28Jun1982)
Scott Arthur Swatek (b:29Jul1961) Elisabeth Michele Simpson (b:29Nov1983)
James Allen Swatek Jr. (b:1May1963) Connie Eileen Swatek (b:17Oct1959)
********** Generation 1 **********
Shawn Douglas Swatek (b:17Mar1992), 2, 3 Cassandra Lynn Swatek (b:27Dec1993), 2, 3

If you have picture(s) that you would like to have posted, please e-mail Mike Swatek at for information about how to do this. If the picture is small, damaged, has red-eye, etc., this may not be a problem with modern graphics technology. Many of the older pictures below have had minor to major restoration done on them, the most extreme example so far being the image of Nancy Scott and Charles Raines, which started out as a copy of a torn and taped picture.

31 August 97
Nancy Burton (b:1837) - abt1890


31 August 97 31 August 97 31 August 97
James A. Scott - 15Jun1913 Rebeca Matilda Cox - abt1900 Rebeca Matilda Cox, Myrtle Lee Raines (b:7Feb1892, d:1965), Thelma Margaurite Stansberry (b:6May1914) & Nancy Emmaline (Nannie) Scott (b:4Jan1873,d:3Jan1915) - 1914




31 August 97
Left to Right: Josephine Swatek, Josephine Richter (b:Jun1836,d:17Apr1927) &Tonie Swatek - abt1905


31 August 97 31 August 97
Nancy Emmaline (Nannie) Scott (b:4Jan1873,d:3Jan1915) &Charles Henry Raines (b:24Nov1858,d:5Dec1926) - 1889 Thomas Jefferson Stansberry (d:1926) &Rose Anna Warren (d:1939) - abt1920



31 August 97 31 August 97
Frank A.Swatek (b:22Feb1872,d:19May1955) - abt1950 Left to Right: Matthew Anton Swatek (b:1866,d:1May1942), Joseph Swatek (b:10Feb1875,d:6Aug1974), Frank A.Swatek. (b:22Feb1872,d:19May1955) & Charles G. Swatek (b:23Jan1884,d:26Dec1965) - abt1905



31 August 97 31 August 97 31 August 97
Agnes Vobornik (b:4Jan1878,d:22Nov1955) - abt1950 Left to Right: Agnes Vobornik (b:4Jan1878,d:22Nov1955), Fannie Vobornik, Annie Vobornik & Josephine Vobornik - abt1905 Left to Right: Agnes Vobornik (b:4Jan1878,d:22Nov1955), Charles Vobornik, Josephine Vobornik, Annie Vobornik, Fannie Vobornik & Henry Vobornik - Dec1913




31 August 97
Left to Right: Paul Stansberry, Marie Stansberry, Pauline Stansberry, Myrtle Lee Raines (b:7Feb1892, d:1965), William Thomas Stansberry (b:23Jan1890, d:Jan1974), Thelma Margaurite Stansberry (b:6May1914) & Harold Stansberry - abt1963


31 August 97 31 August 97 31 August 97
Thelma Margaurite Stansberry (b:6May1914) - 13Jul1997 Mike Alden Swatek (b:18Oct1913) - 13Jul1997 4 Generations Left to Right: Mike Allen Swatek (b:28Apr1958), Shawn Douglas Swatek (b:17Mar1992), James Allen Swatek (b:29May1937), Thelma Margaurite Stansberry (b:6May1914), Cassandra Lynn Swatek (b:27Dec1993) & Mike Alden Swatek (b:18Oct1913) - 13Jul1997




31 August 97 31 August 97 31 August 97
Iva Jewel Dickson (b:12Mar1918) - 7Jun1997 4 Generations Left to Right: Shawn Douglas Swatek (b:17Mar1992), Iva Jewel Dickson (b:12Mar1918), Joyce Irene Graham (b:28Nov1939), Cassandra Lynn Swatek (b:27Dec1993) & Leslie Patricia Knight (b:14Mar1963) - 28Dec1996 Left to Right: George Robert Tynan (b:23Nov1959), Laurie Denise Knight (b:7Feb1961), Iva Jewel Dickson (b:12Mar1918), Barbara Ann Graham (b:6Nov1941), William Harold Cooper (b:28Dec1934), John Roy Graham (b:13Aug1914), Lois Florine Graham (b:10May1938), Joyce Irene Graham (b:28Nov1939), Kathleen Pherrill Roubal (b:18Jul1915), LeiAn Irene Knight (b:18Jul1968) & Brett Alan Byrd (b:9May1967) - 13Aug1994




31 August 97 31 August 97 31 August 97
Roy Yates Johnson Jr. (b:7Apr1962) & Carolyn Ann Swatek (b:4Jul1943) - abt1992 Roy Yates Johnson (b:12Jul1932) - 13Jul1997 Charles (Chuck) Everett Mills (b:8Nov1960, d:28Jun1982) - 1979




31 August 97 31 August 97
Marjorie (Marge) Sue Thompson (b:1Mar1935) & James Allen Swatek (b:29May1937) - abt1992 Left to right: Tommie Lou Mitchell (b:8Apr1938), Scott Arthur Swatek (b:29Jul1961), Elisabeth Michele Simpson (b:29Nov1983), James Allen Swatek Jr. (b:1May1963), Connie Eileen Swatek (b:17Oct1959) & Mike Allen Swatek (b:28Apr1958) - 23Jul1995



31 August 97
Barry Allan Knight (b:17May1937) &Joyce Irene Graham (b:28Nov1939) - abt1991


31 August 97 31 August 97
Leslie Patricia Knight (b:14Mar1963) &Mike Allen Swatek (b:28Apr1958) - 10Aug1985 Leslie Patricia Knight (b:14Mar1963) - 7Jun1997



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