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Leslie's interests include: computer graphics, web site design, sewing, her Creative Memories family album and reading (all kinds of novels, and she has a bunch of them). She is a home room mother at Westside Elementary School. Leslie manages all of our family finances, is a home maker and a great mother.

Leslie has her own business, Web Sites by Leslie, designing and maintaining web sites. She is a member of the Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce. Leslie has 7 years of bookkeeping experience and about 100 hours toward an accounting degree from the University of Oklahoma (where we met). Leslie has held bookkeeping positions with a computer manufacturer, a medical supply distributer and an independent oil producer.

Leslie has been married to Mike since 10 August 1985. They have two children, Shawn born 17 March 1992 and Cassie born 27 December 1993.

Mike's interests include: chess, working on his old Ford pickup trucks, woodworking, gardening, fishing, camping, hiking, astronomy, sprint cars at Tulsa Speedway and other types of auto racing, genealogy, reading (science fiction, history, and technology), little league soccer and , setting up web sites for local organizations. He is active with several organizations, including: Oklahoma Chess Association, Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization, Claremore Central Upper Elementary Chess Club, Will Rogers Jr. High Chess Club, Rotary, Boy Scouts, William W. Barnes Children's Advocacy Center, Junior Achievement and Shadowlake Homeowners Association. He is also associated with All Souls Unitarian Church, Rogers County Historical Society, United Way, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Planetary Society, and Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma honorary Engineering Fraternities. Mike is a Founder, Charter Secretary, Youth Exchange Officer and 2001-2 President of the Reveille Rotary Club of Claremore . He established web sites for Oklahoma Chess Association, Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization, Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce, Rogers County Historical Society, South Central Rotary Youth Exchange and Rotary District 6110.

Mike graduated from University of Oklahoma in 1986 with BS in Mechanical Engineering and a 3.98/4.00 GPA. He has been with Baker Hughes since October 1993, doing system failure analysis on electric submersible pumps for the oil industry since 1998. Starting June 1990, Mike was an engineer at Reda Pump Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, also working with electric submersible pumps for the oil industry. Before that, he was a systems design engineer for almost three years with Rocketdyne in the Advanced Propulsion Systems Group, located in Canoga Park, California. From 1985 to 1987, Mike was an engineer with Positech in Laurens, Iowa, developing industrial manipulator arms and custom grippers to handle all kinds of products. Mike attended the University of Oklahoma full time from January 1982 until May 1985, then completed his last couple of courses through correspondence. Before college, he was a senior draftsman for 18 months with Kerr-McGee's Transworld Drilling, designing offshore drilling rigs. From 1976 to 1980, Mike was a senior draftsman for the City of Oklahoma City in the City Engineer's Office (now the Department of Public Works), designing and reviewing storm drainage systems.

The name Swatek is derived from the Bohemian name Svatek, which is pronounced the same, and translates into "festival, feast, red-letter day and holiday" in English. The name is pronounced Swa (as in swat) - tek (as in technical). The name Swatek is pronounced by our family at a rapid pace which almost sounds like one syllable. Click HERE to hear how it is supposed to sound (51k Real Audio file). When speaking to a person unfamiliar with the name, it's common to hear it pronounced much slower, with two distinct syllables.

When Mike's great-great grandparents immigrated to Nebraska, USA from Bohemia in 1881, it was common practice for the officials to spell the name as it sounded when filling out the official papers. The name was recorded as Swatek, instead of Svatek, and that became our family name.

We are very interested in learning more about the history of our family. Check out our genealogy page and e-mail Mike, if we have a common ancestor and/or you, or your relative, know more about the family tree.

Some of the Internet's best midi music is featured on many pages of this web site. We have license agreements for featured works with known copyrights. If you have any copyright concerns, please notify Mike.

Background midi music on this page is Bocasaeo composed by Mark Lubell.

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